Cultural Revolutions

A 'Given' of American Life

Homosexual rights are more and more taken for granted as a given of American life. In October, for example, CNN raised the question of whether homosexual activists were correct in condemning Hollywood's refusal to advance their agenda. Whether filmmakers ought to advance a homosexual agenda is, apparently, not worth discussing. In the world of magazines, the situation is, if anything, worse. The New Republic, which used to be the favorite magazine of many conservatives, is now a homosexual rights newsletter that ought to be printed in tabloid form. Each issue now features stories on "gay fiction" and "gay studies." Mr. Andrew Sullivan, in his gushing pieces at the back of the magazine, can find nothing more important to talk about than the AIDS quilt and similar topics of universal interest.

William Buckley, who must know better, seems now to grant homosexuals the special rights of a victimized minority. But over the years National Review has mercilessly attacked the notion of group rights for anyone. Of course homosexuals have rights, the same rights the rest of us have, as guaranteed by federal and state constitutions and by the traditions of the Common Law. But, qua homosexuals, what rights can they possibly have in a society that has always regarded their practices as unwholesome, unnatural, and contrary to divine ordinance? Will there now be thief rights, cannibal rights, child molester...

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