Cultural Revolutions

The Honeymoon is Over

The Carter, er, Clinton, honeymoon is over, so far as Fm concerned. Even before his inauguration, Bill Clinton had exhausted our patience with his reckless comments on throwing the doors open to AIDS-carrying Haitians and admitting sodomites into the military. The sociopaths of the American press were in ecstasy, now that they had the chance to talk about buggery, day in and day out.

Before and after the election, I met a number of otherwise ordinary people who voted for Clinton. By ordinary, I mean straight white males (and their womenfolk) with no obvious deformities to qualify them for government subsidy. Some were speculators in real estate or the market and justified their vote on practical grounds: it will be easier for them to make money with double-digit inflation. Others said vague things like "It's time for a change," or Bush reneged on his pledge not to raise taxes. The same people would have huzzahed when Rehoboam told the Jews: "My father hath chastised you with whips, but I will chastise you with scorpions." If a man had the resources of Terry Southern's Magic Christian, he could do worse than to devote the next four years to rubbing the noses of Clinton's SWM supporters in the dirt their President will be wallowing in. It will almost be worth the misery just to listen to them grumble about high taxes, inflation, homosexual schoolteachers, the Third World invasion, and an orgy of quotas...

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