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Gregory McNamee

Gregory McNamee is the author of Moveable Feasts: The History, Science, and Lore of Food, among many other books.

  The Father of History
  The Obesity Epidemic
  Rockin’ in the 50’s
  A Perfect Storm Over Iowa
  The Food Crisis
  The Tragedy of Mexico
  The Curious Career of Billy the Kid
  Edward Abbey: Conservative Conservationist—and Controversialist
  Immigration, the Border, and the Fate of the Land
  The Second Cultural Revolution?
  The Unscholarly World of Scholarly Publishing
  Legends of the Four-Lane Road
  A Ghost Awakens
  Reservation Blues: Notes From Indian Country
  The Last Nomads
  Bookman's Holiday
  At Home in the World
  Wallace Stegner, Writer of the West
  Free at Last
  Heathen Days
  Paths of the Ancestors
  Hard Lives, Hard Times
  Desert Passages
  Jungle Excursions
  In Enemy Country
  Highway Music
  Dreams of Gold
  The Russian Frontier
  Wiring to the Future
  Border Crossings
  Discovering Japan
  Mountain Musings
  This Weimar-Like Time
  Gathering the Desert
  Artist of the Wild
  Lonesome No More
  Goodbye, Columbus
  Frontier Fantasies
  Truth in Self-Advertisement
  Rehabilitating Poe
  Gloomy Waters
  New Writing From the Northwest
  A Ride Into the Sunset
  Bad by Design
  Of Men and Beasts
  Strange Days
  Empire of the Ants
  Scribble, Scribble
  Cultural Commodities
  The Polymorph
  Miller's Tales
  Fortress Mentalities
  The Craft of Flesh and Blood
  Plundered Province: The American West as Literary Region
  A Literary Lion
  Trending West
  Hoisting the Black Flag
  No Place for Strict Adherence
  On the Way Home
  Red Talk
  A Distant Encounter
  The Lure of Black Gold
  Wild Thing
  The Man Who Would Be King
  The Trail of the Bear
  Not A Place for the Linear & Logical Minded
  Exit Stage Left
  Pacific Rimshot
  The Preservation of the World
  Lost in Wonderland
  Walk in Beauty, Walk in Fear
  A Tour of the Labyrinth
  The Importance of Being by Ernest