Notes From the Abyss

How are we-the campus conservatives-to think of ourselves in the sea of political correctness? Perhaps we adopt the attitude of the left, and view ourselves as the real but unacknowledged victims of oppression, casualties in the war for diversity and sensitivity. It is our turn to be denied tenure, refused job interviews, not invited to speak at graduations, and deprived of research funding. Or perhaps we might con sider ourselves present-day incarnations of the early Christian martyrs who stoically suffered and died for their faith. Like the saved among the heathens, we pray for the poor PC souls who embrace the false goddesses. Or perhaps in a self-congratulatory mood we may compare ourselves to noble freedom fighters, hopelessly outnumbered but holding out to the last man against Santa Anna and the multicultural hoards. 

Close, but no cigar. All of these images have a grain of and resistance commando should properly be reserved for special occasions such as annual gatherings of co-believers or melodramatic therapeutic letters to the editor. Make no mistake, we are shortchanged in the distribution of educational goodies and often outgunned, but we have not, at least so far, adopted the self-pitying mentality of the professionally board-certified victim or become strident counterrevolutionary militants. 

How then are we to describe ourselves? Let me suggest the following: we are the queers of the 1990's....

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