Magna Mater, Full of Grace!

"Nature, which is the time-vesture of God and reveals Him to
the wise, hides Him from the foolish."

—Thomas Carlyle

I don't believe I realized, until I began reading up on the subject of Deep Ecology, how far the rot of despair and self-loathing has penetrated the Western world. Multiculturalism as an expression of the West's failure of nerve and of confidence in its own traditions seemed bad enough. In Deep Ecology, Western anomie is given scope to deplore twelve thousand years of human civilization, which Deep Ecologists believe was fatally misdirected about 10,000 B.C., when Paleolithic societies of hunter-gatherers became agriculturalists at the start of the Neolithic era. You'd think the Afrocentrists at Stanford would be acting a little less smug these days.

If the Heritage Foundation on the subject of environmentalism makes me feel like George Washington Hayduke in The Monkey Wrench Gang, Earth First! on almost any topic brings out my Flem Snopes side. It is characteristic of societies that have lost touch with truth, which is single yet at the same time complex, to think that something in order to be anything must be everything; for people living in the modern era, a thing is all or it is nothing. The earth is either sacred, or it is mere stuff. It is to be worshiped intact and inviolate, or it is to be exploited...

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