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The Terror of the Obvious

There is a painting on my wall that fascinates me. That is partly because it is beautiful, partly because of the story it tells. It is a large Dutch oil of 1658 by Hendrik van Vliet, better known for his church interiors, and it shows two men...

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    The New World Order

    Last September, in a speech about Iraq's invasion of Kuwait, President Bush used for the first time a phrase that has come to signify his foreign policy objectives and his vision of the post-Cold War age: "New World Order."

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    Beyond Hubris

    With disarming and hardly disingenuous modesty, Polish humanist Leszek Kolakowski describes his new anthology, Modernity on Endless Trial, as a loose collection of "semi-philosophical sermons" written over the course of a decade or so, purporting...

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  • Cultural Revolutions

    An Obscene Carnival

    The obscene carnival of digging up an American hero who died 141 years ago has come to an end. No arsenic was found in Zachary Taylor's remains, proving that he was not poisoned, which any competent and sensible historian could have told you...

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