Cultural Revolutions

Deplored in Public Print

Guns and rape are often deplored in the public prints as two of our nation's worst plagues. One may be the cure for the other. Denver, for instance, is at the mercy of a serial rapist. It is increasingly clear that the police, if not exactly helpless, cannot cope with the massive violence that is a symptom of the social pathology of contemporary America. They have enough on their hands doing the job they have assigned themselves: giving parking tickets, setting up checkpoints for drunk drivers, patrolling the adult movie theaters of Sarasota, Florida, and showing themselves sensitive to the domestic quarrels of Jeffrey Dahmer and his dates. Anyway, the Denver rapist gets to his victims by entering open windows and unlocked doors—frequent in warm weather. Although in the 60's the mayor of New York used to put a policeman in every subway car on occasion, a policeman in every house would probably be too much for most Americans.

That leaves one alternative: selfdefense. As George Mason tried to remind us in the Virginia Declaration of Rights, a well-regulated militia is necessary to the security of a free state, and by militia he meant the armed citizenry. The police cannot rescue Americans from the wave of violence now drowning them. Denver needs a statute that insists that all women must be armed. Failure to carry a gun or keep one at home or residence would be punishable by a small fine, like a traffic ticket. Licenses...

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