Cultural Revolutions

Receiving "Moral" Support

Bishop Spong's agitation for the ordination of practicing homosexuals received "moral" support last February from the Special Task Force on Human Sexuality of the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.). The Presbyterian commission recommended the ordination of homosexuals as well as the provision of medical and pension benefits to same-sex couples, and their recommendations will be submitted to the church's 1991 General Assembly. This represents a further advance of the radical proposals put forward by a study group that met earlier in Charlotte, North Carolina. Although there seems to be little doubt that this task force is no more representative of the convictions of the majority of Presbyterians than Spong's views are of those of Episcopalians, their behavior makes it plain that traditionalists will have a hard time blocking this recommendation to legitimize conduct that many would consider evidence of moral degeneracy.

The Presbyterian task force, of course, is merely following the lead of San Francisco and a number of other communities that have legally recognized so-called "domestic partnerships." Although the legislation covers a number of different situations, its primary beneficiaries are homosexuals, and its primary victims are traditional family values. Following the first group of "domestic partners" to be registered in San Francisco, an "interdenominational worship service" celebrated...

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