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John Shelton Reed

John Shelton Reed writes from Chapel Hill, North Carolina.

  Still Fighting the Civil War
  Eminent Southrons and Cinematic Slander
  The Honorable Gentleman From New York
  Deo Vindice
  Done Away With
  This and That From Here and There
  The Mississippi Hippies and Other Denizens of the Deep (South)
  Passing the Bottle
  Mississippi Musing
  Capture the Flag, Part II
  Capture the Flag, Part I
  Race Politics, Part Two—Clinton for President, Petty for King
  Race Politics: Part One
  The New America
  Trivializing Rape
  Bubba-cue Judgment Day
  Shall We Gather by the River?
  The Texas Wild Card
  A Sense of Place
  Fight Them on the Beaches
  Home Movies
  Fourth of July: A Short Story
  Seeing the Wizard Off
  Class Dismissed
  Space Invaders: Part II
  Space Invaders: Part I
  A Good Job for the Federal Government
  Taking the Tenth
  Southern Spies in the Ivy League
  Man's Best Friend and Other Brutes
  Cardinal Sins
  Motel California
  A Mind of the South
  Locally Owned and Operated
  Blazing Melons and Parmley's Law (Rated R)
  Good News
  What I Did on My Vacation
  Official State Business
  In This Corner . . .
  An Academic Remnant
  A Mess of Greens
  Another Country
  Funny Business
  The Last Round-up
  Editing the South: The Final Chapter
  Editing the South, Part II
  Editing the South I
  Beavers, Banners, and Bulls
  Allons, Enfants de la Patrie
  Bad Sports
  Of Collard Greens and Kings
  Gary, Martin, and John
  Billy, The Fabulous Moolah, and Me
  In With the In-Crowd: Talkin' Trash, Spendin' Cash
  Talkin' Freedom Blues
  E.P., Phone Home
  Under the (Smoking) Gun
  Songs of the South
  US Out of Dixie
  Thank You for Smoking
  Reservations Required
  Too Greedy to Hate
  Bringing It Home
  Jesse, I Hardly Knew Ye
  Still Fighting the Civil War
  Ora Pro Nobis
  It's Time for (Yawn) Another Election
  Dulce et Decorum
  Goetzing Down in the Gunfire State
  Covering Dixie Like the Dew
  Facing the Untoward in a Memphis Men's Room
  The Judgment of History
  Fightin' Words
  Monumental Folly
  The Forsyth Saga
  Life in the Rust Belt
  Old Times There Are Not Forgotten
  Does Anyone Feel a Draft?
  Raw Bits
  How to Get Along in the South: A Guide for Yankees
  Why I Am an Episcopalian
  Words, Words, Words
  Why Don't We Do It in the Road?
  A Mississippi Homecoming
  The Federal Government and Federal Express
  Letter From the Lower Right Poetic Gems
  Death of a Communist
  Dr. Bob's Unusual University
  Potomac Fever
  Let Me Count the Ways: What to Make of Survey Research
  Birthday Thoughts
  Odds and Ends From Here and There
  Science and Religion
  Food for Thought
  Letter From the Lower Right
  Tell About the South
  Did You Ever . . . ?
  Letter From the Lower Right
  Letter From North Carolina