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Surviving in the New World Order

George Bush chose a risky moment for launching his New World Order. World stock markets have reacted to the vicissitudes of war with all the stability of a manic-depressive who won't take his medicine when he's feeling up and doesn't see the...

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    Our European Cousins

    The importance of both Schmitt and the European New Right lies in their use of some elements of modernism to challenge other elements and their exposure of the ideological dynamics and weaknesses of what are now triumphant forces that work to...

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    Going It Alone

    As the high lunacy of the 1990 budget negotiations showed, America's federal arrangement has been replaced by a confederation of special interests that have less in common than the former colonies—or even, perhaps, than the states that comprise...

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  • Cultural Revolutions

    Eliciting Responses

    The story of Martin Luther King, Jr.'s plagiarism has elicited a number of responses, most of them disingenuous. Walter Muelder, the former dean of Boston University's School of Theology, would like to exculpate Boston University's Jon Westling...

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