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Foreign Policy for the Post-Cold War World

Nineteen eighty-nine was a year of great joy for lovers of freedom everywhere. For it was the "revolutionary" year in which totalitarian communism, throughout Eastern Europe and perhaps even in the Soviet Union itself, suddenly collapsed like a...

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  • Principalities & Powers


    In the space of a few months in 1989, the Soviet imperium in Eastern Europe began to disintegrate like a soda cracker in salt water, and even within the U.S.S.R. itself, long dormant national, ethnic, and religious passions began to sputter and...

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    The Civil War and Perestroika

    To calculate where a cannonball will land, it is necessary to know its initial angle of trajectory and the amount of force that propels it. It is the persuasive thesis of W. Bruce Lincoln that the Russian Civil War was the historic explosion that...

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  • Cultural Revolutions

    It's "Over"

    With the Cold War "over," social engineers are scrambling for the "peace dividend"—the bonanza of cash expected to derive from a winding down of military expenditures that have been allocated to defend against the Soviet military threat.

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