Principalities & Powers

A Threat to Integrity

Like Satan in Dante's Inferno, the forces threatening the integrity of the American nation and its culture have three faces. The "global economy" and political one-world.ism jeopardize the historic character, independence, and the very sovereignty of the United States. The third threat, the mass immigration that this country has endured for the last fifteen years or more, is no less a danger to the cultural norms by which American civilization has identified itself throughout most of its history. Nevertheless, like the internationalization of our economy and government, the internationalization of our population is consistent with the interests of the elites that welcome and encourage it.

Some 600,000 legal immigrants and refugees and as many as one to two million illegal aliens enter this country every year, most of them from Third World countries. Actually, no one knows how many illegal aliens are here. Some experts guess as many as ten million. The New York Times reports the presence in the United States of some twenty million Mexican nationals whom the Mexican government is trying to manipulate to influence US foreign policy. Most authorities now acknowledge that the immigration to this country in the last decade rivals the size of the last influx of the late 19th and early 20th centuries.

Americans who live on the periphery of the United States in the East, South, or West are familiar...

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