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William Hawkins

  Shattering North America
  A COM For Africa
  Giving America Priority in Trade Policy
  Opposing CFIUS
  The Price of Oil
  The Rise of China
  The Myth of an Antiglobalist Left
  Soaring Gas Prices
  Presidential Campaign Should Change the Trade Debate
  How the World Works
  A Serious Competitor
  American Economy
  Nations Still Count in a Globalized World
  On the Shoulders of Giants?
  Deployments in Kosovo
  Globalization and the Decline of the Family
  The Secrets of Liberalism
  NAFTA Approved
  The Lady From Niger
  Buchananism: Two Opinions
  Bipartisan "Nationalist" Coalition
  Big Emerging Mistakes
  Declaring China "Normal"
  It's Sovereignty, Stupid!
  Social Engineering in the Balkans
  The Surrender of Political and Military Sovereignty
  The American Churchill
  The People at War
  The Retreat From Realism
  Roots of a New World Order
  Let Them Eat Brie
  Key Issue
  The New Imperialism
  The Democratic Trajectory
  Additional Reductions
  The Anti-Americans
  Talking Brass
  Yellow Peril (Part II)
  Win or Lose
  Aliens and the Alienated
  The Sun Never Sets
  Tuition for America
  A Logical Choice
  Open Doors, Open Questions
  Budgetary Issues
  The Incredible Lightness of Being Liberal
  Whose Wealth of Whose Nation?
  Trade Surplus Nation
  Soviet Strategy
  National Insecurity
  A Trick Question
  Princelings of Peace
  The New Racism on Campus
  Empire, Again
  U.S.—Staying in Business
  Counterrevolution in Toyland
  Military History: Vital, Neglected
  Empire Strikes Back
  Economic Ideology and the Conservative Dilemma
  The Bear and His Claws
  Economist in the Pulpit
  Importing Trouble, Exporting Hope
  Polemics & Exchanges
  Weapons of Despair
  Social Placebos & Cures
  Catastrophic Chic