Decency Through Strength

"Ideas rule the world and its events. A revolution is a passage of an idea from theory to practice. Whatever men say, material interests never have caused and never will cause a revolution."

My grandmother, the daughter of a Confederate "high private," always said that if someone had done something particularly good, you could be sure he had Southern ancestry somewhere. I first heard this during the latter days of World War II in connection with General Patton, who at that time, with the help of a couple of uncles, was Clyde Wilson is planning to devote the second Tuesday in November to his compost heap. spectacularly chasing the Hun across his own territory.

Like everything else my grandmother told me, this has nearly always proved to be true. Therefore, I was not surprised to learn from Pat Buchanan's memoirs that he—the favorite TV personality at our house—was descended from the Buchanans and Baldwins of Mississippi. In Right From the Beginning, Buchanan has given us a lively and good-spirited account of his background and early career, up to the time he went to work for Richard Nixon in 1966, describing by the way how he was on the "Right From the Beginning."

Pat Buchanan is not ashamed of these Southern origins and knows that he owes something to them (would that a...

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