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Arnold Beichman

Arnold Beichman (May 17, 1913, New York City – February 17, 2010) was an author, scholar, and a critic of communism. At the time of his death, he was a Hoover Institution research fellow and a columnist for The Washington Times. He spent much of his life as a crusader against communism.

  Truth Against the Grain
  Learned Liars
  Soviet Spies and Agents of Influence
  A Pig in a Poke
  If Nixon Had Been Friends With Bob Woodward
  Go Figure
  Playing Possum
  Willing Belief
  Confirm An Appointment
  Filming an Execution
  Selective Amnesia
  Pire qu'un Crime . . .
  No Miracles This Time
  The President's President
  Neither Law Nor Justice
  Stopping the Long March Through the University
  A Soviet Psychosis
  Letter to Another Editor
  And the Kennedy KGB Handed Out Hot Soup