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Thomas Molnar

Thomas Molnar is the author of numerous works, including Authority and Its Enemies.

  Church and Democracy
  Art Restoration: The Sistine Chapel
  Back in the News
  Frederick Wilhelmsen, R.I.P.
  The Rise of the Profane
  The Fukuyama Decade
  A King for France?
  The Twilight of the Sacred
  Left and Right in Eastern Europe
  When East Meets West
  Justice and Its Harvesters
  Polarizing Attitudes
  Culture vs. Colonization
  The Ideology of Technology
  Communism, Nationalism, Liberalism
  Céline and French Reactionary Modernism
  The Forum and the Faith
  Disneyland and the Real World
  History Lessons
  Europe Is Not What It Seems
  A Difficult Road
  The Teaching of Humanities and Other Trivia
  A Future for Europe
  Notes on Art Patronage
  The Terrestrial God
  What Makes a Nation?
  New Thoughts on the French Revolution
  Kingdoms of the Future
  Intellectual Operator
  Golden City Blighted
  Schools Then and Now
  Selling Heidegger Short
  Whose Man in Haiti?
  Reinterpreting Philosophy
  Technology and the Ethical Imperative
  Universities and Students of South America
  Notes on Art Restoration: The Sistine Chapel
  Prurient Puritans
  About the University and Its Curriculum
  Rice Paddies and Tea Houses
  The Search For the Sacred
  The Anatomy of Clichés
  Simple Goethe
  War, Peace, and the Church's Teaching
  The Ideological Temptation of the Media
  Letter From Budapest
  Nest of Vipers
  Scholarly Smut