Viktor's Spetsnaz, John's Southwestern

Last September, some readers may recall, my letter was devoted to Viktor Suvorov, the pseudonymous writer and former GRU officer who now lives in England under yet another assumed name. It has taken me nearly a year to track down the author of Spetsnaz. Soon after our conversation begins, he recites in Russian:

In '41

rich lodes from mother earth

by our shovels

will again be wrested

And possibly

a fuel meant for all

will be uranium,

by cyclotrone sequestered.

Like any year

for victory, for scope

of coal and metallurgy

we are headed

And possibly

to the existing sixteen crests

in due course new ones

will be added.

But let me begin from afar, as the Russians are fond of saying.

"Southwestern" is the abridged name of a publishing company in the U.S. which recruits college students...

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