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The Poet and the Plowman

Surprisingly often we talked about Vergil, usually about the Aeneid, but sometimes about the Georgics, and then with the wry sentimental fondness of old students who had been made, not quite willingly, to go to school to the poem.

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  • Perspective

    Fruitless Grain

    The great American story for at least 100 years has been a tale like Mr. Smith Goes to Washington or Hawthorne's "My Kinsman Major Molineux": the rube who comes to the city and loses his innocence.

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    Trojan Asses

    On April 22, 1950, I published in the London Tablet an article entitled "The American Catholics Revisited," which provoked an avalanche of letters to the editor, wildly protesting against my observations.

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    Hillbillies and Rednecks

    Two professors at Mississippi State University, a sociologist and a communicationist, have decoupaged their observations, experiences, and intrapsychic projections into a "phenomenological analysis" of The Southern Redneck.

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