Odds and Ends From Here and There

The last couple of years have been busy ones, here in the South. Mississippi finally ratified the 19th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution, giving women the vote. At Billy Bob's, in Fort Worth, Merle Haggard stood all 5,095 customers to drinks. And in Hardwick, Georgia, Daniel Sargent, 27, a one-legged and legally blind diabetic armed robber, escaped from a state prison by climbing over a 12-foot fence. (He was captured, according to newspaper reports, "within yards" of the institution.)

In the course of a single trip, an Amtrak Miami-to-New York train hit and killed a woman running on the tracks in Georgia, smashed a pickup truck in South Carolina, and plowed into a flatbed truck in North Carolina. Maybe we Southerners ought to move a little faster.

North Carolina is celebrating its 400th anniversary, and Princess Anne came to help. A local paper described the plans for her visit and announced that "In addition, a flotilla of sailing ships from Elizabeth City led by Walter Cronkite will sail into Manteo Harbor that weekend." Nearby, at New Bern, freshwater fishermen landed a 240-pound bull shark. Some thought the eight-foot-long person-eater had been lured up the Neuse River by increasing salinity; others speculated that he was fleeing Walter Cronkite.

A copy of the Gettysburg Times for Lee's Birthday 1984 has only now trickled in. (My subscription must have lapsed.) It reports...

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