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Leave the Kids Alone

The recent Supreme Court decision striking down a Silent Prayer Law in Alabama came as a shock to many people. What harm could be done by a moment of silence that the students were free to dedicate—or not dedicate—to a Supreme Being?

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    To Market, to Market

    With the rising interest in art education in this country, these two books have appeared at an opportune time. John Hardy translates several essays by the brilliant art historian Max Dvorák that originally were published in Kunstgeschichteals...

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  • Correspondence

    Did You Ever . . . ?

    The past few years have not been good ones for Southern comedians (some of our politicians aside). First we lost the Reverend Grady Nutt, whose gentle Baptist humor was one of the high spots of the syndicated television program Hee Haw.

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  • Typefaces


    Andy Warhol used to say that the day would come when every American would have his five minutes on the Tonight Show. Warhol, although he squandered his talents on films and interviews with nonentities, was still a prophet of sorts: he must have...

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