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Waiting For the End

In the Gilbert and Sullivan series running currently on PBS, many American television viewers were treated for the first time to a performance of Patience, a masterful satire on the pretensions of aesthetes-the crowd George I described as "boets...

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    Bianca and the Commissar

    I was reading at the Periodicals Room of Yale's Sterling Memorial Library the other day. The magazine I happened to pick up was called Soviet Literature, subtitled "A Monthly Journal of the Writers' Union of the U.S.S.R. published in English,...

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    Boredom, Sex, and Murder

    Cracks are appearing in the idol of high culture fabricated by the Victorians. Matthew Arnold eloquently expressed the vision of the educated person who joins moral commitment with breadth of vision and transcends the narrowness of religion and...

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    The Sumptuous Basket

    In New York City there is a room for wonder. Each year, for the past decade and more, the exhibitions held in this small room have left viewers in awe. The extraordinary quality of these shows devoted to the art of China makes a visit to China...

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