Waste of Money

Not a Prayer by Steven Hayward


Horst E. Richter: All Mighty: A Study of the God Complex in Western Man; Harvest House Publishers; Claremont, CA.


There are several ways of thinking about what has come to be called "the decline of the West." There are the rather sweeping generalizations about secularism by evangelical theologian Francis Schaeffer. There are the more formidable authors who identify the decisive break in Western thought with one figure: Leo Strauss points the finger at Machiavelli; Richard Weaver singles out the nominalism of William of Occam; and Eric Voegelin beats up on Joachim of Flora. Then there are the gloomy historicists — redactors of Hegel, really — like Spengler and even Whittaker Chambers, who see large impersonal forces conspiring to foreclose the greatness and glory of Western civilization.



Each understanding of the "decline of the West" has its merits and demerits, but they all agree on one general point: the heart of modernity is the fatal hubris of thinking we can be our own God, that scientific progress will inevitably yield the perfection of man's estate....

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