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Friends of the Family

Everyone wants to save the American family. Not a day goes by, it seems, without some politician or professor issuing a call to arms or an invitation to a congressional hearing. For a long time the family had been a conservative/ Republican issue, but last fall both Mr. Mondale and Ms. Ferraro made a great show of their  own wholesome domes tic lifeit worked better with the Mondales than with the Zaccaros. What a world. We are back to the old political slogans of mom and apple pie, and they have even less substance than they did back in the 1940’s. 

We were not always so unanimous in support for mother hood and the nuclear family. In the years between the Eisenhower Administration and the Reagan restoration, most of what we heard about the family was unpleasant. Psychiatrists described it as the setting for Oedipal traumata; leftist social critics spoke continually of the alienation and loneliness which is the heritage of bourgeois domesticity; while feminists and homosexuals complained of the ruth less indoctrination into the ideology of sex roles and patriarchy. The family was ailing, they all agreed, and the kindest treatment was to bury the dead and erect new social structures on the foundations of equality and sensitivity.

Radical feminists continue to cling to the 60's golden dreams—a society of hermaphrodites—but...

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