Jesse Bier is a professor of English at the University of Montana in Missoula.

  Was Civil Rights Right?
  A Louisiana Lesson
  An E Pluribus Reminder
  Whither Chronicles?
  Nostalgia Trips
  Future Directions?
  Transplanted Texan
  Canned Heat
  Cultural Revolutions
  Special-Interest Democracy
  Waste of Money
  Letter From Central America
  Breast-Beating and Myth-Exploding
  A National Health Insurance for Artists
  Evolution: A Mistake on Its Own Terms
  Mr. Kennan's Recollection
  Teenage Suicide
  Attacking Conservative Backing
  Criminal Commonplaces
  Race and Freedom
  Polemics & Exchanges
  In Focus
  Waste of Money
  The American Proscenium
  The Ingersoll Prizes
  The American Proscenium – Peace Mongers
  Perceptibles (Part 1)
  Perceptibles (Part 2)
  Perceptibles (Part 3)
  Waste of Money – Canonized for Confusion
  Waste of Money – Liberal Neuroses
  These Foolish Things
  Curious Behavior
  Notables – Bathos
  Screen – Firecracker
  American Proscenium – Non-Sentimental Education
  Journalism – Highbrow Prattle
  Journalism – Minds Warped or Twisted?
  Journalism – Neo-Chastity & Neo-Intelligence
  Liberal Culture – Blah, Blah, Blah
  Remembrance of Trivia Past
  Wonder Woman?
  Lightness & Lard
  Little Brother & Kid Sister
  Basking in the Afterglow
  Fleeting Truths
  A Family Affair
  What Price Integrity?
  Notables – Tenderhearted–and Headed
  Confluences – Mysterious Activities
  Commendables – Of Prose and Piety
  In Focus – Semitrivial Pursuits
  In Focus – Pieces
  In Focus – The Babes in Books
  Perceptibles (Part 1)
  Post-Modern Muzak
  The American Proscenium
  Perceptibles (part 2)
  Waste of Money – On the Trail of E.T.
  Commendables – Strategies & Schemes
  Waste of Money – One Step Behind
  Waste of Money – Lower Life Forms
  Screen – Sharks
  Screen – A Big Bonbon
  Screen – Shaking a Money-Maker
  Notables – Construction Notes
  Journalism – A Siskel–of Sorts
  Liberal Culture – Ethics & the Mystery of Meals
  In Focus
  Waste of Money
  The American Proscenium
  A Telltale Heart
  Liberal Culture – Neo-Salvation
  Commendables – A Man Apart
  Commendables – Subtlety vs. Six-Guns
  Exceptional Insight
  In Focus – Politicians of Piety
  In Focus – Mixed Drinks & False Faiths
  Waste of Money – Cape Cod Babble
  Music – Do, Re, Me, Me, Me
  Screen – Once Upon a Time in the West Coast
  The American Proscenium – What Happened?
  Liberal Culture – The New Higher Criticism
  American Proscenium – Gott Strafe England!
  American Proscenium – Ship of Fools
  American Proscenium – Methodology
  Journalism – Syndicated King Lear
  Journalism – Compassion Anyone
  A Man Among Mice
  Open—Or Empty?
  Faltering Christian Soldiers
  At the Abyss
  Conservative Imagination
  "Social Register"
  Jorge Luis Borges
  James Burnham

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