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Race and Freedom

Thomas Sowell: The Economics and Politics of Race: An International Perspective; William Morrow; New York

If valley Girls could read, Thomas Sowell's book would gag them with the facts. The author, a Chicago-educated economist now at the Hoover Institution, presents his readers with a carefully researched book that is replete with facts about economics, politics, and race. He then goes on to show how the forces emanating from all of these realms interact to shape a reality which is as far from the platitudinous thinking of limousine liberals as the United States is from the shores of many of the world's lands that have contributed migrants to our richly diverse population.

Indicative of Sowell's directness is his contention early on that there is no workable biological definition of race. This leads to a realization that most people do not grasp: that race is only incidentally or tangentially a biological phenomenon, and is far more enlighteningly conceived of as a sociological entity with profound economic as well as political implications. Sowell argues this point admirably from a theoretical...

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