A Family Affair

A Family Affair

One of the little-remarked phenomena of modern popular music is the fact that the familial tradition evident 1930’s, 40’s, and 50’s (e.g. the Mills Brothers, the Andrews Sisters, Steve and Edie) continues on. Merciful impulses insist that the Partridge Family and Sonny and Cher are expunged from consideration. The Davies brothers, Ray and Dave, of the Kinks, are of marginal interest; Michael and his brothers Jackson, are of course, not to be avoided. One less familiar association is that of Dale and Terry Bozzio of Missing Persons. Any band that’s fronted by what appears to be a 21st-century chanteuse attracts some notice; more importantly, its Rhyme and Reason album (Capitol Records) does, too, which is an assessment that cannot be made about too many other recent releases made by family, friends, enemies, or complete strangers.


Not only is Missing Persons proof that the family is not dead musically and that it, surprisingly, still exists in progressive areas of California, the group is very strange in that the charge of lyrical nihilism cannot be levelled against it, or at least not too effectively. For example, on “Give” the message is downright Christian. To wit, the chorus says: “When you have anything at all to give/You have everything to live for/Give all you’ve...

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