Original Thought & Triplicate Forms

George Roche: America by the Throat: the Stranglehold of Federal Bureaucracy; Devin-Adair; Old Grennwich, CT.

Edwin J. Feulner, Jr: Conservatives Stalk the House: the Republican Study Committee 1970-1982; Green Hill; Ottawa, IL.

Conservatives come in at least two types: those who wish to conserve principles and those who wish to conserve things. Deeply committed to unwavering philosophic integrity, the first group recognizes the need for flexibility and innovativeness in giving their ideals the most effective expression in new political and cultural circumstances. Conservative thinkers of this sort, including T. S. Eliot, Wyndham Lewis, James Joyce, and T. E. Hulme, have achieved some of the most daring literary innovations in this century. The second group of conservatives, comfortable in some satisfying arrangement of things, little cares what wisdom must be violated in order to maintain the status quo. Members of this group we often call liberals. Indeed in recent years, as the failure of Federal programs in education, social reform, and economic security has grown increasingly obvious, those who engineered them have blithely discarded every tenet of reason and decency in order to protect...

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