Pure Drivel


The feminist movement has fallen on hard times. Many of the intellectual leaders of the movement are abandoning the battlefield and withdrawing to the snug fastnesses of fantasy and self-gratification. Some dream of once and future Amazonian kingdoms ruled by women. Others plan to engineer their androgynous land of heart's desire with the nightmare technology of in vitro fertilization, hormone injections, and abortion. In the flight from reality, Mary Daly is leading the advance guard in philosophy and theology. In Pure Lust: Elemental Feminist Philosophy (Beacon Press; Boston), she invents an entire spiritual universe of Realms and Spheres, Elementals, Principalities, and Powers. To represent this new world, she has had to create a brand new language which might be called Cutespeak. Cutespeak. contains new disciplines —Gyn/Ecology, new psychological concepts — Sado-Sublimation, and new publishing terms — a Cat/egorical Appendix (Nonchapter Thirteen) written in part by her cats. Almost any page will do to illustrate the beauties of the new tongue. This sentence is from the first page of the Preface: "The lusty women who rage and roam through the Realms of this book wield the labryses of our lustrous minds — our double-axes of divination —to defeat...

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