At the Abyss

Although a world safe from nuclear destruction is an ideal that all civilized people should pray for, as a practical matter, it is an impossibility. Nuclear weapons exist and will continue to do so until the time that (a) they have been used and so only rubble remains or (b) they have been replaced by more potent forces. This is not the City of God—at least, yet. Of late, there has been a great deal of attention focused upon the proliferation of these weapons. This attention, as it inevitably happens, has consolidated itself into a movement: the nuclear-freeze movement. Whether the participants in that campaign are, well-meaning individuals or dupes is essentially of little concern. There is a more fundamental consideration: the question of freedom. Freedom is a fundamental of civilized existence. In the U.S. people are able to organize themselves, march, shout, publish articles, etc. That's obvious; everyone in the U.S. takes it for granted. But the other power doesn't believe in values like freedom. It concerns itself with coercion, brutality, violence, and other topics that even the animal kingdom has evolved beyond. Every day, it seems, there are reports that severe prison overcrowding exists in the U.S. No such reports come from the Soviet Union: the gulag knows no bounds.

Sidney D. Drell is a theoretical physicist and he has been an adviser to the U.S. government on matters of national security...

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