idea of indi\\idual rights that transcends the particnlarihes of all\r\ncnltiircs. Since tliese rights are the same for all indi\\ idnals\r\nener\\\\\\here in the world, the United States is said to be the first\r\niniixersalist nation in histor\\. A "univcrsalist nation" is, of\r\ncourse, an owmoron, as is its leftist connterpart, the "nuilticnltural\r\nnation." Yet this is what America has come to mean.\r\nA "eonsenati\\e" polihcal scientist told me in the late 198()'s\r\nthat the United States and the So\\iet Union were the onk nations\r\ngronnded in abstract ideas, not cnltnre. She thought the\r\nSmiet ideas wrong and the American ideas right. To be an\r\n-American was simpK to snbscribe to a set of principles favoring\r\nindixidnal rights. She liad no idea how "Soxiet" her view was,\r\nnor how nihilistic. If it were trne, then anyone in the wodd subscribing\r\nto the proper abstract principles would be, in all essentials,\r\nan "American." This opens the door to American imperialism.\r\nSince people all o\\er the wodd believe in "our way of\r\nlife," there arc \\'irtnal ".Americans" all o\\er the world who need\r\nonr ])r()tccfion. This opens the door to unlimited immigration,\r\nboth legal and illegal. For what force can mere particidaristic\r\nlegal tradition ha\\e in opposition to univcrsalist principle?\r\n(Hence Sen. John McCain's recent remark that to dcn\\' anincsh-\r\nto our current crop of illegal immigrants is to repudiate\r\n".American principles.") What effect...

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