functioning of political freedom, although serious unixersalists\r\non the right would prohahlv dcn\\- it. Thc\\' would inform us that\r\nthe "free market," like political freedom, is based on "natural\r\nrights" that arc uni\\ersal and self-e\\idcnt; all that is needed for\r\nmarkets and liberal democracies to flourish indefinitely is that\r\npeople know and assent to these rights and that no power interfere\r\nwith them. There are people who call themseKes "conservatives"\r\ntoday who really belic\\c sucli things.\r\nIt is impossible to enumerate each and even' "precondition" on\r\nwhich a market economy or a constitutional order (or even nationalit})\r\nrests; the preconditions become apparent over the course of\r\nhiston,; as dieir occasional malfunctioning makes them visible b\\'\r\ncreating economic or political chaos, in the same way that the parts\r\nof a car become apparent to most ouK when dicy stop working.\r\nBut it is easv enough to imagine or deduce .some of them, which is\r\nv\\hat Jolm Jav did in a well-known passage of Federalist 2:\r\nProvidence has been pleased to gi\\ e tiiis one connected\r\ncountr\\-, to one united people, a people descended from\r\nthe same ancestors, speaking tlic same language, professing\r\nthe same religion, attached to die same principles of\r\ngovernment, veiT similar in their manners and customs,\r\nand who, bv their joint counsels, arms and efforts, fighting\r\nside b\\' side throughout a long and bloodv w ar, have noblv\r\nestablished...

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