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Bullying For A Higher Cause

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By:Tom Piatak | May 24, 2014

In recent years, there has been much media attention given to "bullying" in schools, with the lion's share of attention given to a particular type of bullying, that directed at youngsters identified as "gay." The schoolyard scorn directed at students who are fat or unathletic or unattractive or unpopular for a myriad of other reasons is largely ignored, just as all those suffering and dying from diseases other than AIDS were largely ignored when curing a disease spread largely through homosexual acts became the media and celebrity cause du jour.

Even worse than the selective indignation behind the anti-bullying crusade is the way that indignation easily leads to more bullying. Last night I heard the story of a teenage girl attending a local public high school. Her English teacher decided to indoctrinate his students to support gay marriage. He asked the students to break up into two groups, with those favoring gay marriage going to one side of the room and those opposing gay marriage going to the other side of the room. The teenage girl and three boys were the only ones in their class to oppose gay marriage. Now that his victims had identified themselves, the teacher began browbeating the students who opposed gay marriage to switch sides. The three boys did, leaving the teenage girl all by herself. Now, if the girl had been singled out and verbally abused by her teacher because she was gay, she probably would have received a phone call from President Obama and been the subject of massive media attention. But since she was abused for supporting the view shared by all civilizations and all epochs except our own, she really can't expect anyone who counts in today's America to care.



5/24/2014 07:03 PM

  It is obvious that the bullies and bullying originates from the teachers and administrators at most public schools who constantly berate students who do not bow to the neo American culture of depravity. These students have no defenders and must face the wrath of the twisted social democrats who own the neo America.

Scott P. Richert
5/24/2014 08:22 PM

  An excellent post.

Joe Johnson
5/24/2014 08:45 PM

  Mr. Piatak, a fine article. I've always considered this anti-bullying stuff a big fraud.

robert m. peters
5/25/2014 03:31 AM

  My experience as a director, principal and headmaster of schools in three states, both public and private schools, the words, actions and deeds which we have come to associate with the term "bullying" reflect the decay of family, home and household, this in addition of the ideological bullying fostered and carried out by school administrators and teachers. When I was in school in the mid-1950's and through most of the 1960's, the bully was usually a tough guy on the fringes of the social order, usually from parents on the fringes of the social order. Such boys usually had one or two would-be bullies, followers, to "back them up." I had only one encounter with such a bully. I was in the 4th grade. A new tough entered the 4th grade, a transfer into our community. He made his rounds, attempting to find folks to intimidate. I was one of those people he attempted to intimidate. I told my father who said, "Son, you are big enough and strong enough to knock the hell out of him!" I reminded by father that I would immediately get a whipping by the teacher, then a whipping by the principal and finally a whipping by him for getting a whipping at school. He said, "Yes, but you will not be bothered again by a bully." So, the next time he attempted to intimidate me, it hit him swiftly, as hard as I could, right between the eyes with all of the power which my 4th-grade fist and body could deliver. He fell to his knees stunned. His followers were equally stunned. I got my three whippings and was never again bothered by a bully. I acquired an undeserved reputation, for it was hardly a fair fight. What is called "bullying" today is of a different order, fostered by the therapeutic and effeminate anti-culture. I have found that most of those who allege to be bullied are themselves bullies. Old fashioned bullies and old fashioned remedies are regrettably not to be found!

Allen Wilson
5/25/2014 12:32 PM

  Yes, it originates from the teachers and administrators and of course those higher up. What they don't seem to have enough sense to understand is that by abusing innocents like this girl they are creating intense hatred of the establishment, and creating the generation of rebels who, one day, will overthrow and destroy them. How could it be otherwise?


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