• The Old Ways Were Better - 9/20/2017

    The federal moral police wander constantly in our midst, prodding us with their billy clubs, making sure we avoid offensive language, exhibit "tolerance," exhibit admiration for approved ideas and heroes—and show up when subpoenaed, as when a male collegian finds himself accused of an offense for which his mother or dad would have warned him never—hear this? never—to do.

  • Who Truly Imperils Our Free Society? - 9/19/2017

    "The Barbarian cannot make . . . he can befog and destroy but . . . he cannot sustain; and of every Barbarian in the decline or peril of every civilization exactly that has been true."

  • Kim’s Challenge - 9/18/2017

    As President Trump makes his UN General Assembly debut this week—the body he has rightly called weak, incompetent, bad for democracy, and no friend of the United States—North Korea still dominates the headlines.

  • A 'Read-My-Lips' Moment for Trump? - 9/15/2017

    Trump's debt-ceiling deal cut the legs out from under the GOP budget hawks. But amnesty would pull the rug out from under all the folks at those rallies who cheered Trump's promise to preserve the country they grew up in from this endless Third World invasion.

  • Remembering Moynihan - 9/14/2017

    Daniel Patrick Moynihan was the most substantial intellectual to reach high political office in the United States since Woodrow Wilson. Thus his life, writings, policy deliberations, and political efforts, and the effects of these, deserve the most careful and respectful attention.

  • The American Military Uncontained - 9/13/2017

    When it comes to the “world’s greatest military,” the news has been shocking. Two fast U.S. Navy ships colliding with slow-moving commercial vessels with tragic loss of life.

  • Tribalism Marches On! - 9/12/2017

    As nationalism tore apart Yugoslavia and the USSR in the 1990s, and surged to propel British secession from the EU and Donald Trump's triumph in 2016, that primal force appears on the march again.

  • The Pentagon’s New Wonder Weapons for World Dominion - 9/11/2017

    Not quite a century ago, on January 7, 1929, newspaper readers across America were captivated by a brand-new comic strip, Buck Rogers in the 25th Century. It offered the country its first images of space-age death rays, atomic explosions, and inter-planetary travel.

  • Trump Dumps the Do-Nothing Congress - 9/8/2017

    If democracy, as Freedom House contends, is in global retreat, one reason may be that, in our new age, legislatures, split into hostile blocs checkmating one another, cannot act with the dispatch impatient peoples now demand of their rulers.

  • Carry On - 9/7/2017

    The modern world abounds in modern heresies. One might say that modernity itself is a heresy—modernity understood in the broadest possible terms as the antithesis of the traditional.

  • A Theory of Fairness - 9/6/2017

    Tom Bethell, here as often before, uses sturdy common sense to challenge experts in their own field. In a controversial article many years ago, he dared to suggest that evolutionary biologists have exaggerated the evidence for Darwinism.

  • Should Japan and South Korea Go Nuclear? - 9/5/2017

    By setting off a 100-kiloton bomb, after firing a missile over Japan, Kim Jong Un has gotten the world's attention. What else does he want? Almost surely not war with America.

  • What Harvey Wrought - 9/1/2017

    Like 9/11, Hurricane Harvey brought us together. In awe at the destruction 50 inches of rain did to East Texas and our fourth-largest city and in admiration as cable television showed countless hours of Texans humanely and heroically rescuing and aiding fellow Texans in the worst natural disaster in U.S. history.

  • The Return of 'Fellow Feeling' - 8/31/2017

    You might say it has not been much of a month for the human race. I might myself contend that signs of life float on the flooded streets of Houston, Texas. People are acting the way people used to act, back before we were all required, seemingly, to stake out a political position and hate those dumb enough not to share it with us.

  • The Unmaking of a President - 8/30/2017

    The aftermath of the Cold War has seen the emergence of what neocon gurus Robert Kagan and William Kristol have called “benevolent global hegemony” of the United States.

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