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  • Democracy in Action 2 - 12/1/2015

    Why is it that every time Muslims kill a bunch of people and declare it is because they are fulfilling their religion, the government tells us Islam is peaceable and we should import more of it?

  • Good Trump News: Rove Attacks - 12/1/2015

    It is great news for any campaign when an Establishment hack like Karl Rove opposes you.

  • Are Trump and Putin Right? - 12/1/2015

    In this war against "radical Islamic terrorism," who is the real ally: Erdogan, who has been aiding and abetting Islamic jihadists in Syria, or Putin, who has been bombing them?

  • Free Speech Is Under Attack On the Nation's Campuses With Too Few Willing to Defend It - 11/30/2015

    Our society, it seems, has failed to transmit our values, in particular free speech, to the next generation. According to a new survey by the Pew Research Center, forty per cent of millennials support government censorship of speech offensive to minority groups.

  • Democracy in Action - 11/30/2015

    How is it that the owners of big media and their lackeys control public discourse, but nobody ever voted for them? We don’t even know who most of them are.

  • The SU-24 Non-Mystery - 11/30/2015

    There is no single explanation for Turkey’s decision to shoot down a Russian SU-24 bomber over Syria on November 24. That it was shot over Syria (and did not merely fall inside Syria) is by now a matter of record, confirmed almost immediately by U.S. military sources.

  • Stumbling to War With Russia? - 11/25/2015

    "A stab in the back by the accomplices of terrorists," said Vladimir Putin of the first downing of a Russian warplane by a NATO nation in half a century. Putin has a point, as the Russians are bombing rebels in northwest Syria, some of which are linked to al-Qaida.

  • Russian Jet Down: Erdogan's Reckless Gamble - 11/24/2015

    In his latest RT interview Dr. Trifkovic considers the ramifications of Turkey shooting down a Russian war plane over northern Syria on November 24.

  • Will Europe Man Up? - 11/24/2015

    If the purpose of terrorism is to terrify, the Islamic State had an extraordinary week. Brussels, capital of the EU and command post of mighty NATO, is still in panic and lockdown.

  • Strangers in a Strange Land - 11/23/2015

    A Reuters poll tells us something important about America’s state of mind regarding the white working class.

  • The End of Obamaworld - 11/20/2015

    In denouncing Republicans as "scared of widows and orphans," and castigating those who prefer Christian refugees to Muslims coming to America, Barack Obama has come off as petulant and unpresidential.

  • The Wall Street Journal States the Obvious on Working Class Whites - 11/19/2015

    The Wall Street Journal states the obvious when they note that 55% of Donald Trump's supporters are working class whites.

  • Terrorist Attacks: Causes and Implications - 11/18/2015

    In his latest RT interview Dr. Trifkovic considers the state of play following the announcement by Russia’s FSB security agency that the plane crash over Sinai was a terrorist attack.

  • The Paris Terrorist Attacks: Eurocrats in Denial - 11/18/2015

    In the wake of the bloody terrorist attacks in Paris, French President Francois Hollande has asked for extended emergency powers and has promised an intensified assault on Islamic State in Syria.

  • In Search of a New Free-World Leader - 11/17/2015

    Is Vladimir Putin the new leader of the free world? All we currently know is that the job seems open, and that Putin has seemingly sent in his resume, showing openness to the idea of an anti-Islamic State alliance with British Prime Minister David Cameron.