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  • The 'John Wayne Moment' We're In - 3/25/2015

    Wait! A sudden thunder of hooves in the distance! A shout! A shot! It's... It's ... Ted Cruz, declaring his candidacy for the U.S. presidency.

  • More Wittgensteinian Readings - 3/25/2015

    World War II is the dominant paradigm of an apocalyptic event in our consciousness, from which an inference may be drawn that mankind has some residual aversion to slavery.

  • Are NGOs Agents of Subversion? - 3/24/2015

    Though "Bibi" Netanyahu won re-election last week, the Senate Permanent Subcommittee on Investigations will still look into whether the State Department financed a clandestine effort to defeat him.

  • “OneVoice’s” $350K vs. Sheldon Adelson’s Millions - 3/23/2015

    Srdja Trifkovic discusses Senate probe of “anti-Netanyahu” U.S. Government funds on RT International.

  • What Would Ike Do? - 3/20/2015

    In November 1956, President Eisenhower, enraged he had not been forewarned of their invasion of Egypt, ordered the British, French and Israelis to get out of Suez and Sinai. They did as told.

  • Find Out What You've Been Missing! - 3/20/2015

    Find out what you’ve been missing! For a limited time only, gain access to all articles.

  • There Goes Tunisia… - 3/19/2015

    Following the horrendous terrorist attack in Tunis, it is inevitable that I am reminded of my week-long Chronicles assignment to Tunisia in September 2012. In view of the carnage that left 20 Western tourists dead on March 18, it is worth revisiting my notes posted in the immediate aftermath of that trip.

  • The Unsinkable Bibi Netanyahu - 3/19/2015

    The recent Israeli Knesset elections surprised the world by returning Benjamin Netanyahu and his Likud party to power. The resounding win put Netanyahu on the path to becoming the longest serving PM in Israeli history and caused some consternation and disappointment both in the White House and Brussels.

  • A Wittgensteinian Reading - 3/18/2015

    While I tell you this wordless, almost Wittgensteinian joke, Russia’s Northern Fleet, one of the five of which the Russian navy is comprised, is on manoeuvres in the Arctic, while Lithuania announces plans for general military conscription in September in order to increase the size of its army by three thousand men.

  • Will the GOP Kick It Away? - 3/17/2015

    With President Barack Obama and Secretary of State John Kerry seemingly about to conclude a deal to freeze Iran's nuclear program, House Speaker John Boehner invited Israeli Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu to use the State of the Union podium to call Obama and Kerry naive and trash their deal as paving the ayatollah's way to an atomic bomb.

  • Trashing the Academic Mission - 3/17/2015

    Maybe the question is, who'd want a degree from a university whose administration, on learning of a frat-boy incident on a bus, behaves as though God had personally dispatched the whole academic bureaucracy to wreak revenge.

  • Bismarck’s System of Continental Alliances - 3/16/2015

    In an interview for the German news magazine Zuerst! (April 2015) Srdja Trifkovic considers the significance of Otto von Bismarck’s legacy, 200 years after his birth.

  • Is the European Union Dying? - 3/13/2015

    As the European Coal and Steel Community of Jean Monnet evolved into the EU, we were told a "United States of Europe" was at hand, modeled on the USA. And other countries and continents will inevitably follow Europe's example.

  • American Exceptionalism is Heretical - 3/12/2015

    The decision-makers in the Western capitals do not know history and they do not care about it. They believe that they operate in a totally new environment in which the examples of the past are not relevant to the actions of the present.

  • Boris Nemtsov: How a Living Pawn Became a Dead King, Part II - 3/12/2015

    For now, several suspects from the Caucasus have been arrested. Let us note that all of the political murder victims of recent years—Markelov, Politkovskaya, and Nemtsov have been somehow or other tied to the Caucasus region.