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  • Trump: America for the Americans! - 1/24/2017

    Though bracing, President Trump's inaugural address was rooted in cold truths, as he dispensed with the customary idealism of inaugurals that are forgotten within a fortnight of the president being sworn in.

  • Trump’s Realist Vision - 1/23/2017

    Donald Trump is the first president since Richard Nixon to return the raison d’état to its rightful place as the guiding principle of foreign policymaking. He has made a clean break with the current establishment’s imperial pretensions and moral absolutism, which is a welcome development.

  • The Screech of the Privileged - 1/22/2017

    Trump won the presidency despite the unremitting hostility of all the pundits outraged by his inaugural address. But being a successful president is a far more daunting task than being a successful candidate, and the odds are still stacked against Trump

  • New President, New World - 1/20/2017

    The imperative of the new era is that the great nuclear powers—China, Russia, the United States—not do to each other what Britain, France and Germany did to each other a century ago over a dead archduke.

  • A True Brexit, After All - 1/19/2017

    It’s been almost seven months since Britons voted to leave the European Union. By now I am reluctantly convinced that a genuine, hard Brexit—as opposed to some “associate-EU-membership” fudge—will actually happen.

  • Trump Versus the Feminizers - 1/18/2017

    With Donald Trump soon to be inaugurated President of the United States, I can put forward what I see as the central factor in his victory. It is masculinity.

  • Trump’s China Problem - 1/17/2017

    In the course of this year President Donald Trump will improve America’s relations with Russia. He will also start purging the irredeemably politicized U.S. intelligence apparatus.

  • Reagan and Trump: American Nationalists - 1/17/2017

    The existential question of the Trump era might be framed thus: How long will this divided democracy endure as one nation and one people?

  • Trump's Enemies See an Opening - 1/13/2017

    The howls of indignation from Democrats and the media—that Trump's victory and Clinton's defeat were due to Putin's involvement in our election—have begun to limit Trump's freedom of action in dealing with Russia.

  • A Latin American Game Plan for Donald Trump - 1/10/2017

    Two of the most politically and emotionally charged issues the United States faces—immigration and trade—are heavily bound up with Latin America, which tends to guarantee that our next President will focus on that region, whether he wants to or not.

  • Iran Nuclear Deal—Alive or Dead? - 1/10/2017

    Though every Republican in Congress voted against the Iran nuclear deal, "Tearing it up . . . is not going to happen," says Sen. Bob Corker, chairman of the Foreign Relations Committee. Hopefully, the chairman speaks for the president-elect.

  • Trump’s Opponents Are Trying to Cripple Him by Playing “Russian Card” - 1/9/2017

    Do the DNI report and Congressional calls for new sanctions to poison the well against Trump’s agenda constitute a desperate last stand? Or will they manage to pull it off, crippling Trump before he can even get started?

  • Is Liberal Democracy an Endangered Species? - 1/6/2017

    Our Founding Fathers believed that democracy represented the degeneration of a republic; they feared and loathed it, and felt that it was the precursor of dictatorship. They may have been right again.

  • A New Global Strategy - 1/3/2017

    Donald Trump and his team have a historic opportunity to make a fresh start. The moment is somewhat comparable to the advent of Ronald Reagan’s first administration in January 1981.

  • Can Trump and Putin Avert Cold War II? - 1/3/2017

    The worst mistake President Trump could make would be to let the Russophobes grab the wheel and steer us into another Cold War that could be as costly as the first, and might not end as peacefully.