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  • Ukraine is a Long-Term Affair - 12/19/2014

    In Ukraine the United States presented Russia with its most serious challenge in the last quarter-century. Russia has not responded to that challenge in a timely manner.

  • Obama Throws Fidel a Rope - 12/19/2014

    The celebrations in Havana and the sullen silence in Miami tell you all you need to know about who won this round with Castro's Cuba. In JFK's metaphor, Obama traded a horse for a rabbit.

  • Cuber Libre - 12/18/2014

    Here is my short history of Cuba since World War II. Once there was a stable (all things considered) and corrupt dictatorship that worked hand in glove with US criminal corporate interests.

  • Jeb! - 12/17/2014

    I’m hoping Jeb Bush will run for president – because his guaranteed demise would be what I hope would be a fitting end to the Bush Dynasty.

  • Manlio on Conflict Resolution - 12/17/2014

    “The problem with having a car is that one gets into accidents. However trifling, these may have unexpected consequences.

  • The Rise of Putinism - 12/16/2014

    Prime Minister Shinzo Abe is the most nationalistic leader of postwar Japan. He is rebooting nuclear power, building up Japan's military, asserting her rights in territorial disputes with China and Korea.

  • Torture and Fourth Generation War - 12/12/2014

    Discussions on this week’s Senate report on the CIA and torture centered on two things: whether it’s moral. (It isn’t. Before 9/11, all Americans agreed on that.) And whether it worked to protect our country. The report said torture didn’t do any good.

  • The GOP Chooses Pottersville, Again - 12/12/2014

    Last night, John Boehner convinced 162 House Republicans to vote for a bill funding the federal government, with the exception of the Department of Homeland Security, through September.

  • Jonathan Gruber: Honest Liberal - 12/12/2014

    Brought before a House inquisition, MIT professor and Obamacare architect Jonathan Gruber burbled a recantation of his beliefs about how that triumph of liberalism had been achieved.

  • British Bread and Circuses - 12/10/2014

    In the 1980’s my father wrote extensively of the distribution of mental resources in the West, comparing its patterns with those of the Soviet model. In my own turn I took up the subject in several newspaper articles, as well as a book, in the 1990’s.

  • Eric Garner Case: The Score - 12/9/2014

    Recently, the Big Burrito erupted into protests after Italian-American Police Officer Daniel Pantaleo was cleared by a grand jury of all criminal responsibility in the death of Black man Eric Garner who died after being allegedly held in a banned chokehold by Pantaleo during an attempt to restrain and arrest him.

  • Standard Practice - 12/9/2014

    A moral system presupposes some general level of personal restraint in word and deed; some level of decorum and consideration for others. Yeah. Well. That's not where we are right now.

  • Russia’s Strategic Setback - 12/9/2014

    President Putin’s announcement in Turkey last week that Russia was cancelling the $45bn South Stream gas pipeline project has caused havoc in southeastern Europe.

  • A Russophobic Rant From Congress - 12/9/2014

    Hopefully, Russians realize that our House of Representatives often passes thunderous resolutions to pander to special interests, which have no bearing on the thinking or actions of the U.S. government.

  • We're Number Two! - 12/8/2014

    Last week, Brett Arends of MarketWatch reported that, for the first time since Ulysses S. Grant sat in the White House, the United States no longer has the world's largest economy. That honor now belongs to China.