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  • What Will Victory Look Like? - 9/19/2014

    "Congress must now vote to support the first steps of what will be a long march toward victory," said Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy.

  • Brown Revolution in Ukraine: Klitschko in Berlin - 9/18/2014

    Vitali Klitschko, former heavyweight boxing champion and one of the Brown Revolution's Terrible Trio (the other two being Arseny "Yats" Yatsenyuk and neo-Nazi former urologist Oleg Tyahnybok) became mayor of Kiev in June in a quiet, almost unnoticed election, that was overshadowed by bloodshed in Novorossiya.

  • Vive L'Écosse Libre! - 9/18/2014

    I hope I’m not mangling the French in my title, “Vive l'Écosse Libre!” It’s a gloss on de Gaulle’s shout at Montreal City Hall on July 24, 1967, “Vive le Québec libre!”

  • Obama’s “Strategy” and the Ensuing Non-Coalition - 9/17/2014

    “French aircraft were due to begin their first reconnaissance flights over Iraq,” France’s Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius announced on September 15. Britain is already flying reconnaissance missions over Iraq.

  • The Saxon Soul - 9/17/2014

    Russians have bragged to themselves about their souls for ages, but for the past hundred years or so – roughly since Nietzsche discovered Dostoevsky, Henry James discovered Turgenev, H. G. Wells discovered Tolstoy, and the assorted Bloomsbury folk discovered Chekhov – other European nations, Britain foremost, have been pitching in as well.

  • What Would Braveheart Do? - 9/16/2014

    No matter how the vote turns out on Thursday in Scotland, either for independence or continued union with Britain, the disintegration of the Old Continent appears almost inevitable.

  • More Western Voices of Reason - 9/12/2014

    My friend (and Tom Fleming’s), former Canadian ambassador in Belgrade James Bissett, published a noteworthy article in last Tuesday’s Ottawa Citizen (“NATO at the Heart of the New Cold War,” September 9).

  • Waist Deep in the Big Sandy - 9/12/2014

    In his Wednesday evening speech, President Obama announced he was sending us back big time into the Big Sandy of Iraq, this time including Syria, to battle the evil forces which he annoyingly, like the rest of administration, still calls ISIL.

  • Rumors of Wars - 9/11/2014

    The President of the United States is a politician, and as a politician he is a liar. Like all of his predecessors in my lifetime, the President stands up in front of the cameras and reads a prepared statement designed to elicit a positive response from the media and the general public.

  • Back to School, Back to Hell - 9/11/2014

    I began my grade school education in the last months of the USSR's existence in September 1991 and finished it towards the end of Dubya's first term. It spanned two countries, one state, and two counties.

  • Ukraine: Western Voices of Reason - 9/10/2014

    Over the past week a number of articles have appeared in mainstream Western publications, penned by respectful Western authors, which are (in all likelihood unwittingly, I must add) out-Trifkovicing Trifkovic in their assessment of the tragedy in Ukraine.

  • An Armenian Joke - 9/10/2014

    As the Russian troops, this time round with their insignia on display for all the world’s quislings to see, invaded Ukraine and seized Novoazovsk, the hallowed German newspaper Süddeutsche Zeitung came out with the headline “A Hopeless Struggle for the Lost East.”

  • Welcome Back to the Slammer…er…School - 9/8/2014

    American public schools are prisons. They even look like prisons. See the nearby picture of Century High School in Santa Ana.

  • Obama's the Decider Now - 9/8/2014

    Today, Barack Obama is singing a different tune. Over the weekend, Obama told Chuck Todd of NBC that he wants “a system where the millions who are here…have a path to get legal.”

  • Obama’s Non-Strategy - 9/8/2014

    In an interview that aired on last Sunday’s “Meet the Press” Obama tried to sound confident: “Keep in mind that this is something that we know how to do. We’ve been dealing with terrorist threats for quite some time.” The claim is unsettling.