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  • The Empire Comes Home - 10/18/2017

    I can remember both so well. 2006: my first raid in South Baghdad. 2014: watching on YouTube as a New York police officer asphyxiated—murdered—Eric Garner for allegedly selling loose cigarettes on a Staten Island street corner not five miles from my old apartment. Both events shocked the conscience.

  • Is War With Iran Now Inevitable? - 10/17/2017

    With his declaration Friday that the Iran nuclear deal is not in the national interest, President Donald Trump may have put us on the road to war with Iran. He was not elected to do that. Or so at least some of us thought.


    On October 13, President Trump declared that the only way to stop Iran from obtaining nuclear weapons was to abrogate the multilateral treaty which has been provenly effective in preventing Iran from developing such weapons. This is potentially the most serious mistake of his foreign policymaking thus far.

  • Great Cooptations - 10/16/2017

    Two politicians get conservative fundraisers’ juices flowing like no others. One, the late Sen. Edward M. Kennedy, was surely mourned as much by ambitious Richard Viguerie imitators as by teary-eyed, Camelot-addled liberals.

  • Is Trump the Heir to Reagan? - 10/13/2017

    Reagan and Trump both embraced the Eisenhower doctrine of "peace through strength." And, like Ike, both built up the military. Both also believed in cutting tax rates to stimulate the economy and balance the federal budget through rising revenues rather than cutting programs like Medicare and Social Security.

  • Exit Mr. Weinstein; Hold the Tears - 10/12/2017

    The rule-less disorder of modern life spreads like an oil slick. We're in free-for-all mode. We do our own things. It's a free country, right?

  • The Scandal of Pentagon Spending - 10/11/2017

    Hawks on Capitol Hill and in the U.S. military routinely justify increases in the Defense Department's already munificent budget by arguing that yet more money is needed to “support the troops.”

  • Trump Embraces the Culture War - 10/10/2017

    "President Trump has a duty to unite us, not divide us" is the mantra of our elites. Yet, since the '60s, it is these elites who have been imposing the social, moral and cultural revolution the American people never voted for and which has by now divided us irretrievably.

  • Borders, Prayers, and Other Taboos - 10/9/2017

    On Saturday, tens of thousands of Poles gathered on their country's borders to pray the rosary. The event was too large for the media to ignore, but most news reports made clear how offensive this combination of Christian faith and patriotic sentiment was to those who write the news.

  • Autopilot Wars: Sixteen Years, But Who’s Counting? - 10/9/2017

    Consider, if you will, these two indisputable facts. First, the United States is today more or less permanently engaged in hostilities in not one faraway place, but at least seven. Second, the vast majority of the American people could not care less.

  • The Dead Soul of Stephen Paddock - 10/6/2017

    Why did Stephen Paddock, 64, rent rooms at the Mandalay Bay hotel, sneak in an arsenal of guns, a dozen of them converted to fully automatic, and rain down death on a country music concert?

  • The Journalist and the Fixer: Who Makes the Story Possible? - 10/5/2017

    Once, I believed journalists roamed the world reporting stories on their own. Presumably, somebody edited the articles, but a lone byline meant that the foreign correspondent was the sole author of the reporting. Then I became a journalist and quickly learned the truth.

  • Jefferson’s Cousin - 10/4/2017

    There are probably more judicial biographies of Supreme Court Chief Justice John Marshall than of all the rest of the Supreme Court justices combined, so why another one?

  • Moment of Unity in a Disintegrating World - 10/3/2017

    A massacre of Americans like that in Las Vegas may bring us together briefly. But what holds us together when issues of race, religion, ethnicity, culture, history and politics—our cherished diversity itself—appear to be pulling us ever further apart?

  • A Tale of Two Referendums - 10/2/2017

    Over the past nine days two important referendums on independence were held, in Iraqi Kurdistan (September 25) and in Catalonia (October 1). Both were met with overwhelming disapproval of the outside world.