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  • Adam’s Myth - 4/16/2014

    Every civilization is measured not by the culture it offers its denizens, but by the one it imposes upon them.

  • Brown Revolution in Ukraine: Bloodshed in the East - 4/15/2014

    The recent rebellion against Brown revolutionary rule in the eastern, Russian-speaking regions of Ukraine erupted in bloodshed today, with four pro-autonomy activists killed in the small city of Kramatorsk.

  • SPLC Restrains Itself On Bundy ... Daily Kos Smears Him - 4/15/2014

    The “range war” in Sen. Harry Reid's Nevada between hardscrabble rancher Cliven Bundy and the federal government appears to have ended.

  • April 15: Tax slavery day - 4/15/2014

    Another year, another April 15 when the government gouges us to the bone.

  • Report from Moscow - 4/14/2014

    I am back from Russia’s capital, where I presented a paper at a conference on World War I at Moscow’s Lomonosov State University.

  • 'Ukraine can’t have it both ways' - 4/11/2014

    Srdja Trifkovic discusses the Ukraine energy crisis, RT live, April 10, 18:06 GMT

  • The Gay Mafia Strikes Again - 4/11/2014

    The evidence of this mafia's power is evident in the constant howls of outrage that greet any disagreement, however mild, with homosexuality or the gay (or is it "queer"?) lifestyle.

  • Your Name is Bogus Now - 4/9/2014

    My sole-begotten son, who is midway through Oxford, is visiting me over the Easter holidays. He has brought along a friend from Brown, a classical archaeology major, and basically what the boys do all day long is get plastered.

  • Syria: The Islamist War Against Christians Continues - 4/8/2014

    The main reason for the flurry of Syrian-related activity on the Internet was the ubiquitous #SaveKessab campaign on social media websites Twitter and Facebook.

  • NOAH: The Drinking Game - 4/8/2014

    In which I review the blockbuster movie NOAH, without directly examining the film in the review, even though I have in fact seen it.

  • Finally, A Black "Hater" - 4/7/2014

    The Southern Poverty Law Center, or the $PLC, as they call it at, has finally found a black murder suspect they dislike. Indeed, such was their distaste, the "hate-watchers" published his mugshot on their website.

  • A Crimean Travelogue, Part II - 4/7/2014

    Sunday, March 16 – the referendum day – started with a morning visit to three polling stations.

  • Jonathan Pollard: Drug abusing fraud or Zionist hero? - 4/4/2014

    Recently, American Jewish naval intelligence analyst Jonathan Pollard who is serving a life sentence for espionage in favor of Israel has reentered the news. Apparently, the Obama administration is strongly considering his early release in exchange for Israeli concessions in the "peace process".

  • Defending the Family Castle, Part IV: The End - 4/4/2014

    Eminent Domain confiscations are a direct threat to private property but perhaps even more sinister are the flagrant violations of the 4th Amendment that Americans have grown to tolerate, much as the English learned to tolerate general writs.

  • Murder in Wikipedia - 4/2/2014

    The duplex apartment overlooking the Trevi Fountain in Rome, where I spent a year in the 1990s, belonged – I say this without so much as a droplet of irony – to a very kind man by the name of Ernesto Diotallevi.