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  • The “Tolerant” Islam of the Crimean Tatars - 7/27/2015

    The Crimean peninsula had always been not on the outskirts of the Muslim world, but rather one of its cultural and education centers.

  • LBJ's Silver Coin Debasement 50 Years Old - 7/24/2015

    LBJ lied. It was part of what was called his “credibility gap,” especially about the Vietnam War. But about everything else, too. Only top LBJ historians can identify the rare instances he ever told the truth, and then by accident.

  • "A New Dark Age" - 7/24/2015

    Planned Parenthood's image—a progressive organization that provides free birth control to women who seek to space pregnancies as they plan their families—will not easily survive these tapes.

  • Maybe It's Not Time to Head for the Hills - 7/23/2015

    It is a little hard to tell exactly what “The Benedict Option” is, but it does seem to involve at least some withdrawal from public life by conservative Christians.

  • The LCMS Calls a Post a Post - 7/21/2015

    If the role of religion in America today is to teach the faithful to bend over and kiss the ring of postmodernity and beg for forgiveness for actually believing something, the Lutheran Church—Missouri Synod just failed spectacularly, flubbed its lines, and fell off the stage. I, for one, am elated.

  • A Mideast Game of Thrones - 7/21/2015

    As President Obama's nuclear deal with Iran is compared to Richard Nixon's opening to China, Bibi Netanyahu must know how Chiang Kai-shek felt as he watched his old friend Nixon toasting Mao in Peking. The Iran nuclear deal is not on the same geostrategic level. Yet both moves, seen as betrayals by old U.S. allies, were born of a cold assessment in Washington of a need to shift policy to reflect new threats and new opportunities.

  • U.S. “Interest” in Kyrgyzstan - 7/20/2015

    In his latest RT live interview, Srdja Trifkovic discusses the U.S. State Department’s decision to give its Human Rights Defenders Award to a Kyrgyz national, Azimzhan Askarov, who, as an ethnic Uzbek activist, in 2010 played an active role in Kyrgyz-Uzbek ethnic riots that shook the country.

  • A Tale of Two Shootings - 7/20/2015

    For our elites, mass immigration and multiculturalism are unquestionably good, and no evidence to the contrary will be allowed to reach ordinary Americans.

  • The GOP's Iran Dilemma - 7/17/2015

    From first reactions, it appears that Hill Republicans will be near unanimous in voting a resolution of rejection of the Iran nuclear deal.

  • Still Waiting For That “Re-Reported” Story - 7/16/2015

    After spinning a lurid yarn of gang rape headlined “A Rape On Campus,” Erdely and Rolling Stone claimed they would “re-report” the story. Where is this "re-reported" story?

  • Planned Parenthood: Hearts and Minds, and Livers - 7/16/2015

    Is the sale of dissected babies somehow going to persuade Americans, who think that it's just fine to throw their corpses in the trash, that infanticide is wrong? Will GOP candidates now be willing to say that it's wrong to dismember and discard (or poison and flush) the children of rape and incest victims?

  • Doing Well by Doing Evil - 7/16/2015

    If local Planned Parenthood affiliates can maximize their profits by “accepting money” in return for “fetal tissue donations,” why wouldn’t they?

  • One in Big Brother - 7/15/2015

    A glorious future awaits, if only we choose to embrace it.

  • National Geographic goes hyper-political - 7/15/2015

    Is it anti-science to bring up scientific hypotheses? Isn’t the heart of science conjecture and refutation?

  • Srebrenica, Twenty Years Later - 7/15/2015

    It is noteworthy that “Srebrenica” in the mainstream media discourse is no longer a geographic location that needs to be preceded by a noun (“the massacre in…”).